di accettazione

Agreement of use of e-learning system and it's contents

Accessing to this e-learning platform with materials property of IIEA is done under following agreement acceptance.

  1. The user agrees that, except the materials that are explicitly declared as "free content", all the contents of this IIEA e-learning system are confidential.

    The contents of this IIEA e-learning system cannot be disclosed to any third party except following cases:

    •  the receiver has already signed a non disclosure agreement with IIEA

    •  the contents disclosed are explicitly declared as ''free content''

    • the contents are already of public domain

  2. The user agrees to use the contents of this IIEA e-learning system just for the purposes of the training.

  3. All the materials contained in this IIEA e-learning system are confidential, not only in the format in which they are saved in this system, but also in the original formats, including DV video tapes, CD and DVD Rom, Magnetic Tapes, Paper, Internet Sites etc.

  4. The user has to communicate to IIEA name and references of any other person that will access the system in his/her company. The user cannot disclose his/her password to any third party.

  5. The user is not allowed to export any content of this IIEA e-learning system to in any format without written approval of IIEA.